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Thank you for stopping in. Verve Daddy has been performing as a live band, writing and recording for audiences all over Northeast Ohio. The two albums written, recorded and played by this band show an evolution of Blues based Melodic Rock and Roll, with influences such as the Gin Blossoms, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Cake, Bruce Springsteen and David Gilmour.

The band is currently writing new music, following up their well received album, Dangerous Days, released in 2016. Working with open tuning and new guitar voices, John Jesser is writing to include the melodic trumpet, flugel horn and vocal talents of Kevin Armbruster, the bass and vocal talent of Stu Green, the newly added guitar talent of Devin Hogan and anchored by the super talented, over qualified drumming and vocals provided by Chris Gibbs.


Verve Daddy

Verve Daddy is a group of six guys with six string rock and roll, blues, and garage roots - honing their craft in the clubs of Northeast Ohio, where nothing is given and everything is earned. Guitars, drums, harmonica and horns take you to great places with many comparisons: The Heartbreakers, Eagles, The Who and The Stones. More modern comparisons include The Smithereens, Gin Blossoms and Lumineers.

In late 2008, they took a break from playing live to complete their first album of original music. The end result is a CD, "Ain't My Street." Each song is unique and diverse, yet the songs are connected to each other in themes that span decades. In 2016, they released “Dangerous Days,” 11 songs that put melodies in your head which you’ll hear days later. Funky horns, slide guitar, ballads, blues and rock and roll come pouring from the disc or vinyl album.

The band members bring years of bar band, recording and songwriting experience from a blend of hardworking backgrounds.

The best way to appreciate Verve Daddy is to listen to their music and spend an evening rocking with them.


  • Mark Ecclestone: bass, backing vocals
  • Chris Gibbs: drums, backing vocals
  • John Jesser: guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Joe Grace: keyboards, saxophone
  • Kevin Armbruster: trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, vocals
  • Michael Abraham: guitar, vocals

Verve Daddy Dangerous Days CD Release

Verve Daddy Album

Digital or CD    |    Vinyl

We are happy to release the 11 song CD, Dangerous Days on Electric Earth Records. Stream or download at iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music or YouTube. Buy CDs and Vinyl at and

Here are some notes on Dangerous Days ! We hope you enjoy it ! !

After the release of their first album Ain't My Street in 2009, Verve Daddy proceeded to play live and refine their sound in the clubs of northeast Ohio. Taking a break to write in 2011 at a Lake Erie cabin produced the seeds that eventually became this Dangerous Days album. The band has evolved. The songs evolved and through the wonders of the Sonic Lounge Studio Neve console, they have been captured with warm, organic production for your enjoyment. More horns... more melodies that stick in your head. This album includes something for everyone. Some highlights... a funk rock groove with the Hammond B3 work of the great Joe Vitale on Confusion. In Devil Don't Take My Soul, you get 12 bar blues confession with clean guitar, nasty guitar and a weaving trumpet and sax combined solo featuring the Verve Daddy horns. Mandolin and piano create the dramatic backdrop for Go Your Way with the highlight of Joe Grace's soft saxophone touches. Filled with memorable guitar riffs, soaring horns and excellent keyboards throughout. Each song with a story to tell.

- Chris Gibbs, Mark Ecclestone, Joe Grace, Kevin Armbruster, Michael Abraham and John Jesser  (aka Verve Daddy)

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Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studio, Grove City, Ohio
Additional tracks recorded at The Audio Kitchen, Akron, Ohio
Produced by John Jesser and Joe Viers
Engineered and mixed by Joe Viers
Additional tracking and vocal editing by Joe Vitale Jr.
Horn arrangements by Joe Grace and Kevin Armbruster
Mastered by Joe Viers
Cover, sleeve and disc artwork by Jack McFadden

John Jesser: lead vocals all songs except Nothing’s Changed, guitars, harmonica, and mandolin
David "Stu" Green: bass
Chris Gibbs: Drums, backing vocals, guitar and lead vocal on Nothing’s Changed
Kevin Armbruster: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, backing vocals
Joe Grace: keyboards, saxophone, backing vocals
Kurt Reed: lead guitar
Mike Abraham: lead guitar on songs marked *; backing vocals on Dangerous Days and Songbird

Don Albainy: Trombone on Confusion
Joe Vitale: Organ on Confusion
Joe Viers: percussion
Jennifer Jesser: backing vocals on Songbird and Nothing’s Changed



2217 E. 9th St., Cleveland. Verve Daddy is playing with three other bands at Stella's Music Club in Cleveland. Show is 8-9pm.


2217 E. 9th St., Cleveland. After the Indians game, join us at Stella's from 9pm-1am.


Verve Daddy



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