Verve Daddy is a group of guys with six string rock and roll, blues, and garage roots – honing their craft in the clubs of Northeast Ohio, where nothing is given and everything is earned. Guitars, drums, harmonica and horns take you to great places with many comparisons: The Heartbreakers, Eagles, The Who and The Stones. More modern comparisons include The Smithereens, Gin Blossoms and Lumineers.

In late 2008, they took a break from playing live to complete their first album of original music. The end result is a CD, “Ain’t My Street.” Each song is unique and diverse, yet the songs are connected to each other in themes that span decades. In 2016, they released “Dangerous Days,” 11 songs that put melodies in your head which you’ll hear days later. Funky horns, slide guitar, ballads, blues and rock and roll come pouring from the disc or vinyl album.

The band members bring years of bar band, recording and songwriting experience from a blend of hardworking backgrounds.

The best way to appreciate Verve Daddy is to listen to their music and spend an evening rocking with them.