Bio: Devin Hogan

Devin Hogan at the mic and on the guitar
Name – Devin Hogan
Birthday – August 14
College – University of Akron (I’m an enginerd by trade)
Favorite Color – Candy Apple Red
Favorite BookJurassic Park
Favorite MovieGoodfellas
Favorite Food – A cheeseburger or anything Italian (I like to cook)
Favorite Quote – “I never had a drug problem. I only had a problem with police.“ – Keith Richards

My Favorite Songs

Too many! I love all the big dogs – Stones, Beatles, Who, Pink Floyd. Aerosmith, Petty, Creedence, Mozart (great riff writer) and on and on.


Devin was bitten with the music bug at a VERY young age via his mom’s, aunts, and uncles Beatles and Stones records as well as Cleveland rock n roll radio.

The first guitar was a Stella Harmony purchased from Difiore’s Music and re-fitted with nylon strings for classical guitar lessons at age 8. Life intervened but music and the guitar were always there. Devin is influenced by and loves blues-based rock – Stones, Yardbirds, ZZ Top, Allmans, Creedence but loves all types of music including anything from real jazz to classical. Love polka’s (his Slovak side)!

Performing with others came about later in life for Devin in the early 2000’s after starting a family and finishing college (in that order). The first live performance was at a fund raiser/jam with some new musical friends (one he met in college and another who ended up his band mate) that he, to this day, claims that due to nerves was an out-of-body experience with him above the band watching himself play “Refugee”. From there he was hooked! There was no going back. He had to rock!

Devin’s major musical project over the last few years was with Bad Dancer – a classic rock band that covered a wide range of material with a bent to the deeper album cut. Prior to that Devin was a member of Double Shot – a great rock-n-roll party band.

He’s thrilled and honored to be joining Verve Daddy!